A Comprehensive Guide to Cleaning Agents for 3D Printer Resin

A comprehensive guide to cleaning agents for 3d printer resin

How to clean the resin print? One of the crucial steps in the post-processing of 3D printed resin parts is cleaning off the excess resin. A proper cleaning process ensures that your 3D prints have a smooth and polished finish. There are several cleaning agents available on the market, each with its own set of […]

How to Use Midjourney AI to Generate Inspiring Design Ideas for Your Next 3D Print

How to use midjourney ai to generate inspiring design ideas for your next 3d print

Learn how to take advantage of the innovative technology of Midjourney AI and generate inspiring design ideas for your next 3D print.

Update Ender 5 Plus Latest Firmware to Insanity Automation DWIN 7.4

Update ender 5 plus latest firmware to insanity automation dwin 7.4

Ender 5 Plus has be released for aged and it has been one of the most stable printer being released by Creality. However the firmware itself has been lackluster and stay at 1.70.2~1.70.3 since years ago. Printer in 2023 should have equips with more features. Therefore Insanity Automation has released a better firmware equip with […]

Ender 3 Max Neo vs Ender 3 Max – The Full-Scale Upgrade Version of Ender-3 Max

Ender 3 max neo vs ender 3 max - the full-scale upgrade version of ender-3 max

Creality officially announces today the debut of the Ender-3 Neo series and HALOT-RAY resin printer. alongside other accessories in the Creality Summer Upgrade event. In this article we will be focusing on Ender 3 Max Neo instead. Model Ender 3 v2 Neo Ender 3 Max Ender 3 Max Neo Print Volume 220 x 220 x […]

How to solve Heating Failed: E1 Printer Halted , Thermal Runaway: E1 Printer Halted

How to solve heating failed: e1 printer halted , thermal runaway: e1 printer halted

When you are getting the error such as Heating Failed or Thermal Runaway, you might be scratching your head and think why the printer is so poor and not able to finish the print. But reality, the printer is actually protecting you from resulting in fires in some cases, which is called Thermal Runaway Protection. […]

Convert Creality LD-002R RBG to Mono Screen using LD-002H Mono LCD Step By Step Guide

Convert creality ld-002r rbg to mono screen using ld-002h mono lcd step by step guide

As a LD-002R user, have you ever getting tired of changing the screen every 200 hours? Here’s the step by step guide to convert your LD-002R into LD-002H. LD-002H Mono Screen Lifespan is at 2000 hours which is 10 times of the LD-002R RBG Screen, make your life easier & better. Since LD-002R Screen size […]

Dual Z-axis Upgrade with Belt for Ender 3 Series / Ender 3 Max / CR10S Pro Series

Dual z-axis upgrade with belt for ender 3 series / ender 3 max / cr10s pro series

The Ender 3 is one of the best budget 3D printers, especially for hobbyists. And because of the low cost, many some of the important part wasn’t included inside the package. In this article, we’ll be take a look at a popular upgrade for budget 3D Printer that stability to the X-axis gantry by using […]

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