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Embark on a Journey with a Leader in 3D Printing

Welcome to Smith3D, Malaysia’s trailblazer in the 3D printing industry. Since our inception in 2019, we’ve been at the forefront of revolutionizing 3D printing technology and services. Our mission is to be not just a market leader, but a source of inspiration and innovation in the 3D printing world.

We are on the lookout for passionate individuals to join our growing team. At Smith3D, we value creativity, dedication, and a keen interest in 3D printing technology. If you are enthusiastic about transforming ideas into reality and eager to contribute to the 3D printing revolution, we want you on our team!

Hot Jobs at Smith3D

Join us in shaping the future of 3D printing. Here are our current job openings:

Internship Opportunities

1. e-Commerce Customer Service Intern (1 Available)

  • Role:
    • E-commerce Platform Support: Handle after-sales and technical consultation on platforms
    • Technical Support: Assist users in submitting work orders for unresolved technical issues.
    • Feedback Analysis: Refine product vocabulary and improve troubleshooting skills based on user feedback.
    • User Analysis: Analyze user needs to provide guidance and prevent return requests due to quality issues.
    • Problem Resolution: Address users’ after-sales technical problems to minimize product returns.
  • Requirements: Strong adaptability to handle pressure & specialization in product technology

2. Customer Relationship Management Trainee (1 Available)

  • Role:
    • Cross-Functional Collaboration: Work with R&D, production, marketing, and logistics teams to resolve user issues and enhance the service experience.
    • Policy and Process Improvement: Continuously refine internal and external policies, work processes, and execution standards based on business needs, aiming to improve service quality and team efficiency.
    • Monitoring and Alarm Systems: Establish and maintain a business monitoring indicator system and alarm mechanism, promptly address problems, and provide suggestions for business development.
    • Project Involvement: Assist with or lead projects related to after-sales spare parts operations, service-related system R&D, new product introductions, etc.
  • Requirements: Strong communication skills and teamwork spirit, data analysis & willing to rotate through front-line jobs.

3. Electrical and Mechanical Engineers 2024 Batch (1 Available)

  • Role:
    • Research: Conduct research on electromechanical systems and structural mechanics testing technology, including pre-research for tests and solving actual project issues.
    • Surface Texture Analysis: Investigate the formation mechanism of surface textures on printed parts and seek solutions.
    • Motion Error Investigation: Study the causes of motion errors in printer axes and develop improvement strategies.
    • Performance Testing: Carry out performance tests on printers and their core components, and produce relevant experimental reports.
    • Experimental Design: Create experimental methods and develop procedures tailored to specific project needs.
  • Requirements: Degree in Mechnical/Electrical Engineering, Familiarity with error analysis theory. Effective communication skills and clear logical thinking.

Full Time Opportunities

1. Administrative Accountant (1 Available)

  • Role:
    • Office Environment Management: Oversee daily office order, maintain the office environment, and manage property-related matters such as rent and utilities.
    • Invoice Management:
      • Efficiently process invoices using Bukku & record transactions with accuracy.
      • Confirm the accuracy of invoices, ensuring they match with bank transactions.
    • Financial Reconciliation:
      • Ensure transactions are aligned with bank statements.
      • Record Installments and credit card transactions diligently.
    • Culture Construction: Organize employee welfare and caring activities, such as afternoon tea, holiday benefits, team building, and annual meetings.
    • Documentation & Ad Hoc:
      • Manage and document invoices on A4 paper for record-keeping.
      • Record purchase invoices from Alibaba and other ecommerce.
      • Support administrative tasks as assigned.
      • Perform any other duties as assigned.
  • Requirements: Demonstrable experience in accounting or financial management. Skilled in Microsoft Excel.