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eSUN Matte PLA Printing Problems & Solutions

Esun matte pla printing problems & solutions

Problem #1 – Clogging, Stringing or Signs of Under/Over Extruder Examples of this problem can be seen in the pictures below: Recommended Solutions Increase the nozzle temperature to 230°C, lower down the print speed to 40mm/s, reduce the first layer height to 0.1mm to see if it can be printed without any issue. If issue […]

Ender 3 S1 : Buyer’s Guide

Ender 3 s1  : buyer's guide

This guide is all about Getting Started with Ender 3 S1, the newest family for Ender series in 2022. Packed with new “Sprite” direct dual-gear extrusion system, removable flexible PC spring steel print bed, an auto leveling CR Touch and some other improvements. Installation & Assembly This has to be one of the easiest printer […]

CR10 Smart : Buyer’s Guide

Cr10 smart : buyer's guide

Congratulation for becoming a CR-10 Smart owner. This is an amazing medium size of CR-6 SE with remote printing & much sturdy build. Despite the amazing features of the machine, unfortunately the QC wasn’t done right & firmware wasn’t really ready yet. Fortunately the CR-10 Smart is a very simple machine to assemble and if […]

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