Ender 3 S1 : Buyer’s Guide

Ender 3 s1  : buyer's guide

This guide is all about Getting Started with Ender 3 S1, the newest family for Ender series in 2022. Packed with new “Sprite” direct dual-gear extrusion system, removable flexible PC spring steel print bed, an auto leveling CR Touch and some other improvements.

Installation & Assembly

This has to be one of the easiest printer to assemble, semi DIY & takes less than 20 mins for a true beginner. Bryn Vines does a great job at explaining the instructions from assemble, level 4 corners, setup z offset and print.

Upgrade Firmware (Recommended)

Ender 3 S1 comes with the marlin firmware & if you are not using the latest firmware, do update it for better performance and stability.

https://www.creality.com/download (Latest as for today is Ender-3s1-hw24s1_301-sw-V1.0.5_C-CRTouch.zip 31 Dec, 2021)

Custom Firmware by Mriscoc (Optional)

Thanks to Mriscoc, there are better firmware out there to improve the usage and customization of Ender 3 S1


If you felt like the official firmware is better, you can return to the vendor firmware anytime, the process is fully reversible.

Printer Profile & Print Setting

As this printer is still new, Cura may not have Ender 3 S1 profile yet. What you can do is

  • Choose Ender 3/ Ender 3 Pro Profile
  • Change your retraction length to 0.8 and retraction speed to 40, You can raise these settings a little bit if you’re seeing a lot of stringing, but remember that too much retraction can cause nozzle jams.

For direct drive, retraction is a must to reduce.

PrusaSlicer 2.4 has S1 profile built in therefore you don’t have to change anything.

If you need start and end of gcode, do refer the link below.


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