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Change Bambu Lab Nozzle Size (Alternative Hotend)

Powerful Swappable Hotend Alternatives For Bambu Lab Hotend

A wide range of alternative hotend options have become available for 3D printing enthusiasts. The stock hotend often lacks a swappable nozzle feature, meaning you’d have to replace the entire hotend assembly if the nozzle needs changing. However, if you frequently print with different filament materials or perform numerous print jobs, a swappable nozzle hotend […]

Low Cost Video Signage: Video Looper with Pi Zero 2 W

Low Cost Video Signage: Video Looper With Pi Zero 2 W

Looking to showcase your videos in a continuous loop without breaking the bank? A DIY video looper built with the affordable Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W is the perfect solution. Low power consumption 5-10W + Monitor 40W average. Whether for art installations, information displays, or just for fun at home, this project offers an engaging […]

3DMakerPro Seal Scanner Performance (from Community)

3Dmakerpro Seal Scanner Performance (From Community)

The World’s First 0.01mm Accurate Consumer 3D Scanner. Starting Tutorial: When getting started with your new 3DMakerPro seal scanner, it’s best to avoid trying to scan black objects, very small items, large untextured surfaces, or other challenging targets. Instead, begin by scanning textured objects of moderate size that are ideally suited for scanning. This will […]