3DMakerPro Seal Scanner Performance (from Community)

3Dmakerpro Seal Scanner Performance (From Community)

The World’s First 0.01mm Accurate Consumer 3D Scanner.

  • Blue Light Encoded Structured Light technology
  • 0.01mm accuracy
  • 0.05mm resolution
  • Captures intricate details and textures
  • Exceptional precision and quality

    Software to Download: https://forum.jimumeta.com/home/help/download.html
  • Keep in mind that software updates for the scanner may improve scanning performance over time. As the software algorithms and processing advance, the seal scanner’s capabilities could expand.

Starting Tutorial: When getting started with your new 3DMakerPro seal scanner, it’s best to avoid trying to scan black objects, very small items, large untextured surfaces, or other challenging targets. Instead, begin by scanning textured objects of moderate size that are ideally suited for scanning. This will allow you to learn the scanner software while experiencing good results.

Below images are from comminity 3DMakerPro Group

Without Post Processing

Auto Draft
by Andrés Camacho
3Dmakerpro Seal Scanner Results (From Community)
By Aug Kenneth
3Dmakerpro Seal Scanner Results (From Community)
By Aug Kenneth

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3Dmakerpro Seal Scanner Results (From Community)
by Stephane CelticVerse Hodgson

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