Update Ender 5 Plus Latest Firmware to Insanity Automation DWIN 7.4

Update ender 5 plus latest firmware to insanity automation dwin 7.4

Ender 5 Plus has be released for aged and it has been one of the most stable printer being released by Creality. However the firmware itself has been lackluster and stay at 1.70.2~1.70.3 since years ago. Printer in 2023 should have equips with more features. Therefore Insanity Automation has released a better firmware equip with more features such as PID tuning, adjust E-step, adding M600 – Filament Change functions that Creality didn’t enable it inside the factory shipped firmware.


  • PC/Laptop with USB port
  • USB to MicroUSB Cable
  • Ultimaker Cura Slicer – Send hex firmware file from PC to printer
  • MicroSD Card (no more than 16GB)

Back up your settings

Before flashing anything, if you have customized the E-step, probe offset or PID, all will be wiped and factory default. Do write down before proceeding.

Update LCD Firmware

LCD firmware download link: CombinedLandscapeDwin_TM3D_V8.7z (Updated 27 April 2023)

Note: if the above link broken, do let me know or browse https://github.com/InsanityAutomation/Marlin/tree/CrealityDwin_2.0 for the CombinedLandscapeDwin

IMPORTANT: before extract the files, format the microSD Card to FAT32 with allocation unit size 4k (4096). any other format will not update the DWIN properly.

after format, extract the files, copy the DWIN_SET folder to the root of the SD Card.

Next, open up the case from the bottom of the Ender 5 Plus, remove the fan connector so you can set the lid aside.

Update ender 5 plus latest firmware to insanity automation dwin 7.4

on the LCD board there is a microSD card slot, insert the microSD card (with DWIN_SET folder) and power on the printer, watch the LCD as the new files being copied into the printer. After a few minutes, you will see END appear on the LCD Screen when it’s done.

Update ender 5 plus latest firmware to insanity automation dwin 7.4

Power off the printer, remove the microSD card, put back the cover and remember to connect the fan.

Update Mainboard Firmware (Ender 5 Plus)

Mainboard firmware download links (download either one of them)
Stock Printer: E5P_BIL_DW7.4.7.hex.zip
Silent Board Upgrade: E5P_BIL_Slnt_DW7.4.6.hex.zip (for some reason Silent board firmware no inside the latest 7.4.7)

For more variations (Ender 5 Plus Prefix – E5P under CrealityDwin_2.0 branch): https://github.com/InsanityAutomation/Marlin/tree/CrealityDwin_2.0/Hex%20Files

Next, extract the hex file into your PC, and remember the folder path.

Power on the printer, connect to the printer to your PC using USB cable. Open the cura slicer, press Printer Profile (e.g. Creality Ender-5 Plus) > Manage Printers > Select your printer profile > Press Update Firmware

Update ender 5 plus latest firmware to insanity automation dwin 7.4

If you are connected to the printer, within 1 minutes, the Upload custom firmware should be clickable, click “Upload custom firmware”, select the hex file you just extracted and press upload.

Note: If your Upload custom firmware remain grey out
1. Turn off Pronterface if it’s opened
2. open AutoDetectBaudJob.py located at Ultimaker Cura X.X.X\plugins\USBPrinting and in the self._all_baud_rates delete all the other rates leaving just 115200

self._all_baud_rates = [115200]

Once it’s completed, power off the printer and remove the USB cable.

Verify if updated correctly

After everything is done, power on the printer and the screen should show Insanity Logo and proceed to the main menu.

If it doesn’t show Insanity Logo, please redo the “Update LCD Firmware” process again

If it stuck at the Insanity Logo, please redo the “Update Mainboard Firmware” process again.

That’s it! You are now equip with better firmware without needed to change the board.

60 thoughts on “Update Ender 5 Plus Latest Firmware to Insanity Automation DWIN 7.4

  1. CJ Fay says:

    I am currently using the Ender 5 plus silent board configuration and the BL Touch is not working correctly. Anytime that the BL Touch attempts to do the two-touch sequence for homing, the first time the probe is deployed and works correctly, but it does not deploy again and the BL Touch blinks with red and blue. It seems that it is trying to deploy the probe the second time much too quickly (before it is fully stowed from the first homing touch) and it is not working. Is there anything that can be done here?

  2. Vitor says:

    i tryed to update the lcd and this didnt working, after the loadscreen when it goes to main menu, nothing works, no matter where i try to click, and dont show no one informations from the sensors too. And the cura slicer dont recognize the ender 5

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