SKR Mini E3 V2 / V3 on Ender 3 V2 / Ender 3 S1 LCD DWIN Knob Screen

Instructions to use ender 3 V2 stock LCD with SKR mini E3 V2/V3 or even E3 Turbo.

Since Ender 3 V2 & Ender 3 S1 are using the same knob LCD screen, they have slight different pin out compared with the LCD12864 or BTT TFT Screen. SKR Mini E3 V2/V3 are viable drop-in replacements for Creality 4.2.X boards as they are equip with TMC2209 in UART, Linear Advance and many more extra ports & features. Making it the best alternative to buying a new board from Creality.

Installation is very easy and board has exactly same dimmensions as Creality v4.2.2 and v4.2.7, connector layout is also very similar.

Only hardware modification required is a display cable adapter made with 8 dupont F-M cables.

By blazewicz
Zrzut ekranu 2021-07-3 o 12 59 57

3 thoughts on “SKR Mini E3 V2 / V3 on Ender 3 V2 / Ender 3 S1 LCD DWIN Knob Screen

  1. Dave Williams says:

    I have an Ender 3 v2 printer and would like to use the SKR Mini E3 V3.0 to replace the Creality 4.2.2 board. I prefer to keep my Creality stock LCD. Will your SKR Mini E3 v2.0 instructions above work for the SKR Mini E3 v3 board?

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