Creality High Temp Resin 500g 1KG 220C high temperature



Creality High Temperature Resin

High temperature resistance: 220 degrees high temperature.
High hardness.
Jewelry and process amold opening.
Compatibility with most LCD/DLP printers.

Low Viscosity & Good Fluidity

The resin has good fluidity, which can quickly infiltrate the model and then solidify to shape, improve the success rate of model printing, reduce resin release and adhesion to improve printing accuracy, so it is easier to clean the machine and the model.

220 High temperature resistance, High hardness

High-speed Printing
The resin improves the printing speed while ensures the strength of the model and non-excessive shrink while increasing the printing speed.

It can also shorten the curing time and improve the printing efficiency of the LCD machine as much as possible with good apprearance and outperforming practicability.

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Weight1.2 kg
Dimensions5 × 5 × 17 cm

500g, 1KG


Creality 3D

Creality 3D printers are a top choice for personal use, renowned for their superior quality and exceptional printing results. Their popularity stems from the impressive range of filament and resin printers, along with a comprehensive selection of spare parts and upgrade possibilities. This makes Creality's offerings highly valued by both novices and seasoned professionals alike.Whether you're in search of the perfect Creality 3D printer or need a specific spare part for your model, our collection has you covered.


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Creality high temp resin 500g 1kg 220c high temperature
Creality High Temp Resin 500g 1KG 220C high temperature
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