Creality K2 Plus 3D Printer CFS Multi-Filament System Multicolor


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Creality K2 Plus Combo with CFS


Dubbed the “Creality Filament System” (CFS), this innovation bears resemblance to the acclaimed Bambu Lab AMS, yet with an added benefit of a “sealed design” and complementary temperature and humidity indicators, particularly useful in regions with high humidity levels. Functionally, it shares similarities with Bambu’s earlier model: utilizing RFID technology for filament identification and accommodating four spools per CFS unit, with the potential to combine up to four units for a total of 16 materials.

For those anticipating compatibility with existing Creality 3D printers, the prospects may be dim. It appears that the CFS is tailored exclusively for Creality’s newly introduced K2 series, with only the K2 Plus variant disclosed thus far. Standalone units and CFS combinations are slated for a global release on July 31, 2024.

Creality touts the forthcoming K2 Plus 3D printer as featuring a 350 mm cubed build volume, boasting attributes like active chamber heating, auto-leveling, “next-generation extrusion,” and FOC closed-loop motors. Moreover, these printers will operate on Creality OS, which is poised to receive an open-source adaptation with the Ender 3 V3, and purportedly integrate “Edge AI technology,” though its specific application remains undisclosed. Perhaps Nexa3D’s recent jest about AI holds a grain of truth.


Creality K2 Combo Price and Launch Date

Pricing: TBD
Release Date: July 31, 2024
Creality is gearing up to introduce a comprehensive lineup of K2 series printers, featuring the CFS multi-color kit as a standard inclusion across all models. The K2 Plus will be available as a standalone unit as well as in CFS Combo packages, with the official worldwide release slated for July 31st.



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Creality k2 plus 3d printer cfs multi-filament system multicolor
Creality K2 Plus 3D Printer CFS Multi-Filament System Multicolor

Out of stock