Convert Creality LD-002R RBG to Mono Screen using LD-002H Mono LCD Step By Step Guide

As a LD-002R user, have you ever getting tired of changing the screen every 200 hours? Here’s the step by step guide to convert your LD-002R into LD-002H. LD-002H Mono Screen Lifespan is at 2000 hours which is 10 times of the LD-002R RBG Screen, make your life easier & better.

Since LD-002R Screen size is 5.5inch & LD-002H Screen size is 6.08inch, it won’t be directly compatible but here we will have a tutorial to teach you how to upgrade it with just LD-002H screen and printed mod. This conversion not only apply to LD-002R but if you have other RBG printer with Chitu L V3 Board, you are able to use this mod (with custom screen riser)


To get started, you must be ready with

Remove the existing LCD Screen

LD-002R originally comes with black tape and some times it may be hard to remove. Follow this youtube link to learn how to get the screen out from the machine. If your screen too tightly glue to the machine, you may use Hot Gun or Hair Dryer to heat up and slowly take the screen off the machine.

Install the Screen Riser & LD-002H Screen

After removed the screen, install the Riser on top of it, then put the double sided tape at the side of the screen.

Tape both side of the bottom of the screen

put the screen on top of the riser and tape it with black tape at the side to prevent resin leak. Screen protector is recommended to covers the bezel and the screen as the screen is much expensive and you wouldn’t want spoil by resin leak.

Place them properly so resin won’t be leaked into the Screen
Make sure the cable is seated correctly otherwise LCD won’t be lit up.

Install the limit switch adapter mod

Since the screen has been raised around 2mm, the limit switch must change so it will detect early otherwise it will crush on to the screen. the adapter mod must be printed in black otherwise the optical limit switch will not detect the trigger.

Update Firmware into LD-002H

Thankfully, ChituSystem has pre-compiled a firmware that dedicated for this case
Dropbox Link ChiTu L V3 for DXQ608 Firmware
You only need to update the.CBD file and.SH4 file.
Since LD-002R is using 3.5 Inch Screen, do select the bin file contain name 3.5 inch screen and flash.
In this case:

【Touch Screen UI 3.5】L V3-UI-C-V1.0u-R3.5 inch-320x480-0596&0608-2K-20210605.bin · 1.2 MB

Learn how to update firmware please check here:

Boot Up & Test the Screen

Boot Up, Press System, Calibration and Next, Make sure the shape appeared on the screen. If it wasn’t appearing, try reseat the cable as the cable maybe loose.

Last Step: Re-level the bed and start print

Since the bed has been moved, re-level the bed by following the video below, and that’s all. You may start your print!

4 thoughts on “Convert Creality LD-002R RBG to Mono Screen using LD-002H Mono LCD Step By Step Guide

  1. Dominic lapier says:

    I’m having an issue with what I assume is the firmware. The lights below the screen are simply flashing and causing issues with prints by curing extra. However when reinstall the 5.5 firmware the flashing stops and it the exposure test looks fine but i can’t print with it because of the size format. Do you have any ideas on how to fix this? i’m at my wits end with this and I have orders to fulfill.

  2. Jorge Nunes says:

    Bought the screen, made the upgrade as it was saied, and doesn’t show the calibration picture nor is as transparent as the original. complete waste of time and money. Worst than that, the original screen cracked as it was removed, so, now I have a big paper weight.

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