SUNLU FilaDryer S1: Filament Dryer Box for 3D Printer PLA ABS PETG TPU

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Drying your filament is really important especially rainy season in Malaysia. If you felt there is too much stringing even after tinkering with the retractions and there are bubble pop sounds when you are printing, it’s time where u need to dry your filament. Here’s the smart filament dryer made specially for drying any filament for 3D printer.

SUNLU Fila Dryer S1

【Function – Dryer and Storage Box】SUNLU dry box is specifically made for the purpose of drying 3d printer filament, intended to remove moisture from a spool of filament. It can keep 3D filament dried during a print job and can be used to dry filament for storage.
【Heating, Rotating and Constant Temperature】The storages box will keep heating up to your preset temperature, and keep working until up to the preset time. SUNLU Enclosure box has two built-in rotating shafts that allow the filament to continuously rotate in a dry hot box to remove moisture.
【Simple Yet Effective】The filament dryer box is pretty easy to use, it crams in a lot of functionality even with only two buttons, such as set temperature and time, load the data of the current temperature and the current target temperature.
【Set Temperature and Time】The dryer box is preset to run for 6 hours at 50℃ which should be compatible with pretty much any material any diameter of the filament. but you could click the buttons to reset the temperature between 35-55℃, or long-press the left button to reset the working time between 0-24 hours.
【Quiet and Good Looking】The SUNLU filament dryer storage enclosure is very silent when it working, it can be used in your bedroom with your silence 3d printer and won’t be noisy to disturb you. It’s designed with a transparent lid and a white bottom, which is simple and beautiful.

Product Size: 271*100*237 mm
Max Capacity: 210*85 mm
Net Weight: 996 g (including power adapter)
Filament Diameter: 1.75mm/2.85mm/3mm

Rated Power: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Power Output: DC 24V±1.2V, 2A
Max Working Power: 48 W
Temperature Setting Range: 35-55℃
Working Time Setting Range: 0-6hours

Packing List:
SUNLU FilaDryer S1 x 1

Weight3 kg
Dimensions25 × 25 × 15 cm

FilaDryer S1, FilaDryer S1 Plus



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Sunlu filadryer s1: filament dryer box for 3d printer pla abs petg tpu
SUNLU FilaDryer S1: Filament Dryer Box for 3D Printer PLA ABS PETG TPU
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