[Promo] Electronic Screwdriver by Creality Enders USB C Charging TORX

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1) The power button maybe hard to press, long press it for 5 sec to power on/off
2) Do not use standard laptop USB C charging as it won’t charge up. Use any 5V USB C.
3) Do STOP steering when your screw head is turning but the screw is not, the thread may gone if continue.

Tired of turning the screw driver one by one when maintaining? Me too. this is incredible life safer for you to focus on the electronic part instead of spending your energy on something that can be done smart.

[Large Capacity Battery] USB C Powdered Battery, can last up to months of usage as long as you are not using it everyday.

[Powerful torque] This is strong enough to turn something that’s hard to turn. Save time & energy.

[Turn Left or Right] Can control the direction of the steering by using different button.

[Shadowless Lighting] Built in lighting around the head so you can look closer & work during night

[Multiple Heads & Drillbit] Multiple heads including TROX to allow you to remove threadless allen key inside ur 3D printer.

Weight1.2 kg
Dimensions8 × 17 × 5 cm


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[promo] electronic screwdriver by creality enders usb c charging torx
[Promo] Electronic Screwdriver by Creality Enders USB C Charging TORX

Out of stock