Bambu Lab Liquid Glue for Build Plate Compatible with X1 and P1 Series BambuLab Glue Stick Upgrade 80g


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Bambu Lab Liquid Glue is a specially formulated adhesive designed for 3D printing. It provides excellent adhesion for printing materials like PLA, ABS, and PETG on various surfaces such as the Cool Plate, High-Temperature Plate, and Textured PEI Plate. With Bambu Lab Liquid Glue, you can ensure consistent adhesion and prevent models from detaching or warping during the printing process.

Key Features:
• Superior Adhesion: Achieve reliable adhesion between your models and the print surface, reducing the risk of printing failures. Bambu Lab Liquid Glue also makes it easier to remove prints from the plate once printing is complete.

• Easy Clean-up: The Bambu Lab Liquid Glue can be effortlessly cleaned from both the print surface and the printed models. Unlike glue sticks, it leaves minimal residue on the printed model, making clean-up a breeze.

• Uniform Application: Compared to glue sticks, Bambu Lab Liquid Glue offers easier and more consistent application across the entire build surface.

• Environmentally Friendly: The ingredients used in Bambu Lab Liquid Glue are environmentally friendly and safe for human use. Additionally, it has a lower odor compared to other glues.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced 3D printing enthusiast, the Bambulab Liquid Glue is an essential accessory for achieving high-quality and reliable prints. With its eco-friendly materials, this product is safe and sustainable to use, while its strong and reliable bond ensures a smooth and successful printing experience.

• X1 and P1 Series

Recommended Hotbed Temperatures when printing certain materialsu using glue
• PLA: 40~60°C
• ABS: 90~100°C
• PETG: 60~80°C
• PET: 80~100°C
• TPU: 30~45°C
• ASA : 90~100°C

Product Specification
• Working Life: 100 times(coat the full plate)
• Weight: 80 g
• Package Volume: 60 mL

Weight0.08 kg
Dimensions7.00 × 7.00 × 25.00 cm


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Bambulab liquid glue for build plate compatible with x1 and p1 series bambulab glue stick upgrade 80g
Bambu Lab Liquid Glue for Build Plate Compatible with X1 and P1 Series BambuLab Glue Stick Upgrade 80g

12 in stock