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Operation continues as usual during MCO. Contact us at +6010-3443128 to arrange for same-day delivery within Klang Valley.
Operation continues as usual during MCO. Contact us at +6010-3443128 to arrange for same-day delivery within Klang Valley.

eSUN ePA6-CF 0.75KG 1.75mm – High Temperature Nylon Carbon Fiber for 3D Printer

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Material name: ePA6-CF (Previously known for ePAHF-CF)
Recommended printing temperature: 260-300℃
Bed: 60-80℃ (glass/carbon fiber board + solid glue)
Fan: 0%
Printing speed: 40-100mm/s

Note: ePA6-CF are easy to absorb water, so please dry before printing (70℃/12H). It is recommended to use with the eBOX when printing. In addition, ePA6-CF is also easy to grind nozzles and extruder gears. It is recommended to use hardened steel nozzles or ruby nozzles. Hardened steel extruder gears can be selected if possible. If the printing time of the throat is long, it needs to be replaced.

Material :ePA6-CF
Impact strength: 12.74
Tensile Strength: 173.37 Mpa
Elongation at break: 8.93%
Bending strength: 171.64Mpa
Flexural modulus: 5612.41Mpa
Heat distortion temperature: 190℃

ePAHT-CF carbon fiber reinforced nylon application areas:
1. Automobile industry, due to the excellent oil resistance, wear resistance and creep resistance of ePA6-CF, it can replace traditional metal materials and has the advantage of light weight, such as the manufacture of engine parts, electrical parts and car body parts; It is excellent fatigue resistance can be used in the manufacture of synchronous drive gears for automobile int
2. National defense industry, which can replace metal materials, mainly used in the fields of national defense and aerospace, such as the manufacture of missile engine parts, rocket launchers, rocket tails, etc.;
3. Aerospace, since the material itself is lighter than traditional aluminum, it is extremely beneficial to increase manufacturing speed and save fuel;
4. Stationery and sports goods, which can be used to manufacture thin-walled products, such as helmets, automobile bumpers and robot arms.

Packaging List:
ePA6-CF x 1



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