PEI Bed Spring Steel Sheet with Magnetic Based Smooth Surface Flex Plate System One Side for 3D Printer hot bed

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What is genuine powder coated PEI?
The color shall be amber(light golden). Prusa use black steel, that’s why it looks in black.
In general, you can print PLA, PETG, TPU and some strong stickness filaments without heating. If not, you probably bought a fake one
The surface is matte or textured. If you touch it like a glass or oil painted, then it’s fake.
Most sellers are selling fake PEI on Aliexpress, even some famous brand. As these guys are our “CUSTOMERS” before.

1.Recommend print temps
PLA – 60C
PETG – 70-80C
PCTG – 70-80C
ABS – 100C

2.Product Usage Guidelines
PETG/PCTG/TPU– If you are not careful with your 1st layer you can risk bonding the PETG/PCTG/TPU to the PEI surface. This will damage the surface. To prevent damage to the surface apply hairspray or PVA gluestick before printing PETG/PCTG/TPU on the PEI

Part Removal– Make sure your plate is at close to room temp (under 30C) before removing parts. If you remove when hot it more likely to damage the surface

How to use?

After apply the PEI sheet on our special spring stainless steel sheet, You can simply use 4 clips or magnets to hold it on the heatbed, then enjoy the printing.

Easily remove 3D prints on printer by removing the spring steel plate, flexing it, and popping the print off. It’s simple and makes the print removal process much easier.

For details, Check the guide video on Youtube

Packaging List:
PEI (one side) Magnetic Spring Sheet Plate + Magnetic Based x 1

Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions30 × 30 × 2 cm

235*235mm (Ender 3), 310*310 (CR10s Pro)

93 reviews for PEI Bed Spring Steel Sheet with Magnetic Based Smooth Surface Flex Plate System One Side for 3D Printer hot bed

  1. seriouslyadditivemanufacturing

    [235*235mm (Ender 3)] Good product quality and value for money. Good packaging and fast delivery.

  2. f*****4

    [310*310 (CR10s Pro)] Ship Time: 4/5
    Delivery Time: 4/5
    Quality of Packaging: 5/5
    Item Condition: 4/5
    Item Quality: 4/5
    Seller Responsiveness: n/a
    Recommended: Yes

  3. s*****n

    Second time dah beli. Service is like always, tip top. About the magnetic sheet, this is a genuine PEI sheet. So, your 3d printed parts won’t stick to your print bed and easy to peel too. Will repeat order next time for sure. [Variation: 235*235mm (Ender 3)]

  4. skyline34rocks

    Product came in well protected in foam with printed corners provided from seller to protect the edges from bumping/scraping. Clips are provided as well.

    Product came in 2 items, the steel bed and the magnetic smooth bed [Variation: 235*235mm (Ender 3)]

  5. iqramosman

    Read that this is a good upgrade. Plan to use it when printing abs or other more finicky filament. So far stock bed works fine for me [Variation: 235*235mm (Ender 3)]

  6. sabaruddin7815

    Terima kasih extra nozzle ☺️? pembelian kali ke dua ? smith x pernah mengecewakan..thanks ya [Variation: 235*235mm (Ender 3)]

  7. mcwen1014

    Perfect bed [Variation: 235*235mm (Ender 3)]

  8. akmalznal

    Better than the double sided one imo, bcs of stronger magnets [Variation: 235*235mm (Ender 3)]

  9. a*****n

    item received as advertised. well packaged. 1 day delivery. good quality. recommended seller. [Variation: 235*235mm (Ender 3)]

  10. azwan_othman

    Really good & fast respond seller.. ???
    Good product & get a lot of free gift…. [Variation: 235*235mm (Ender 3)]

  11. r*****3

    Very good, friendly and responsive seller. Seller definitely have a lot of experience and expertise in 3d printing. Recommend as the go to place for 3d printing stuff. [Variation: 235*235mm (Ender 3)]

  12. biak_ro

    Good qualty. Bought second time for my second printer 🙂 [Variation: 235*235mm (Ender 3)]

  13. muadz86

    Easy to chat with seller.. Willing to share a knowledge about 3d printer.. [Variation: 235*235mm (Ender 3)]

  14. draxecu

    it’s a snug fit… i like it.
    very fast service by seller.
    tq seller for your awesome service. [Variation: 235*235mm (Ender 3)]

  15. biak_ro

    Finally my blue ABS print successfully sticking to the bed! Worth the upgrade. [Variation: 235*235mm (Ender 3)]

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Pei bed spring steel sheet with magnetic based smooth surface flex plate system one side for 3d printer hot bed
PEI Bed Spring Steel Sheet with Magnetic Based Smooth Surface Flex Plate System One Side for 3D Printer hot bed
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