Bambu Lab AMS Automatic Material System For Multicolors Printing X1/ X1CC / P1P / P1S AMS Hub


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Bambu Lab AMS – Automatic Material Management System – Create the combo with your Bambu Lab X1-Carbon 3D printer

Bambu Lab AMS is an intelligent system that communicates with the printhead to ensure smooth feeding and automatic filament change at mid-print. It can detect the filament tension and actively adjust the feed rate. Using RFID technology, Bambu Lab AMS identifies the filament loaded inside and automatically configures the most appropriate print settings.

Bambu Lab AMS is equipped with humidity sensors and an airtight housing, it keeps the filament dry and ready to use, which is particularly useful for technical grade materials such as nylon and polycarbonate, which are hydroscopic.Each Bambu Lab AMS has 4 filament slots, and up to 4 AMSs can be installed in parallel. With multiple filament slots available, it is now possible to use removable support material or dissolvable filament to minimise the pain of removing supports.Each AMS unit comes with 4 reusable coils (1 high temperature coil and 3 low temperature coils).

Product Features:

• Multi-Colors/materials Capability
• Keep Filament Dry
• Filament Runout & Winding Detection
• AMS Filament Backup

In the Box:
• 1x High Temperature Reusable Spool (made by PC / ABS Alloy Material)
• 3x Reusable Spool(made by ABS Material)
• 1x Filament Buffer
• 1x Bus Cable – 4pin
• 1x Bus Cable – 6pin
• 2x Spare Filament Cutter
• 3x M3*23 Screw
• 1x 550mm PTFE Tube
• 1x 370mm PTFE Tube
• 4x Internal Tube
• 1x PTFE Tube Connector
• 1x Instruction Manual

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Dimensions35.00 × 40.00 × 50.00 cm


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Bambu Lab

Bambu Lab, a consumer technology firm specialized in desktop 3D printers, is revolutionizing the industry with their X1 series. At Smith3D, we're excited to feature Bambu Lab's cutting-edge 3D printers, designed to seamlessly bridge the gap between digital designs and physical creations, elevating creativity to unprecedented heights. Bambu Lab operates from three strategic locations: Shenzhen and Shanghai in China, and Austin, Texas in the U.S., underlining their global reach and innovative spirit.


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Bambulab ams automatic material system for multicolors printing x1 / p1p / p1s
Bambu Lab AMS Automatic Material System For Multicolors Printing X1/ X1CC / P1P / P1S AMS Hub

16 in stock