BIGTREETECH Panda Touch V1.0, 5″ Interactive Display Multi-Printer Wireless Management for BambuLab X1C, P1/A1 Series


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Introducing the Panda Touch 🐼, a cutting-edge 5” touchscreen engineered by BIGTREE Technology Co., LTD.

This sleek interface offers a stunning UI complemented by convenient features. Designed as a versatile solution, it serves as both an alternative and a replacement screen for the Bambu P1P and Bambu P1S models. Additionally, it seamlessly interfaces with the X1 and A1 series, facilitating group printing and control for up to 10 Bambu Labs printers.

🔌 Plug-and-Play Convenience
• Enjoy hassle-free setup with quick installation that preserves your warranty.

🖥️ Customized UX & UI
• Experience a tailored user interface by BTT, combining familiarity with enhanced features for multi-machine control.

🎛️ Versatile Functionality
• Access all expected functions of a rich graphical display, with added extras for enhanced usability.

📶 Seamless Connectivity
• Connect effortlessly via WiFi, ensuring convenient operation from various devices.

🔋 Magnetic Charging
• Benefit from effortless mobile portability facilitated by convenient magnetic charging technology.

🖨️ Multi-Printer Control
• Effortlessly manage multiple printers simultaneously, enabling seamless synchronized control and printing.

🌈 AMS Filament Changing System Control
• Gain easy access to multi-color printing controls with one-touch access to the filament-changing system.

The Panda Touch is currently compatible with all Bambu Lab printer firmware versions up until:
– P1P --> v01.05.02.00
– P1S --> v01.05.02.00
– X1C --> v01.07.02.00
– A1 --> v01.01.01.00
– A1 Mini --> v01.01.03.00

It is possible that Bambu Lab may release a future firmware version which impacts the functions available from the Panda Touch. Bigtreetech will monitor all beta firmware versions so do visit their website sometimes for any related updates. Buyers can then decide whether or not they would like to perform the update at the risk of losing functionality. Note that the Panda Touch warranty does not cover lost functionality due to a Bambu Lab firmware update being performed.
Click the link to view Panda Touch software instructions and more product information

📦 Package Includes:
▪ BIGTREETECH Panda Touch 5″ Touchpad
▪ 7 Days 1 to 1 Defective Replacement Warranty
▪ We will not make any warranties or accept any responsibility for any misuse by the user.
▪ For more details regarding provided warranty, visit
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BIGTREETECH Panda Touch V1.0, 5″ Interactive Display Multi-Printer Wireless Management for BambuLab X1C, P1/A1 Series

1 in stock