Bambu Lab Dual Sided Textured PEI Plates for X1 / X1C / P1 Series Bambulab Build Plate Double Sided PEI


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⭐Introducing BambuLab’s Textured PEI Plate: Providing Strong Grips To Your Prints

🛡️ Improved Durability, Enhanced Adhesion 🛡
• The Bambu Texture PEI Plate undergoes advanced process optimization, resulting in enhanced endurance and superior adhesion. Enjoy excellent first-layer adhesion without the need for adhesives, except for highly specialized filaments that may require glue.

🌀 Self-Release When Cooled Down
• PEI’s resilience to heating and cooling cycles makes it ideal for 3D printing. Prints effortlessly detach once the heatbed cools below 35°C. If needed, gently bend the steel plate to release stubborn prints.

🌈 Compatibility with Various Filaments
• Experience versatility with the Bambu Texture PEI Plate, compatible with a wide range of filaments, including high-temperature materials like ABS and Nylon, as well as PLA, TPU, and PETG.

🔒 Prevent Warping with Reliable Magnetic Adhesion
• The 0.5mm thick stainless steel plate ensures reliable magnetic adherence, minimizing the risk of warping and ensuring optimal print quality, especially for larger models and warp-prone materials like ABS, PC, and Nylon.

🌟 Textured Surface Finish
• Achieve unique first-layer surface finishes with the Bambu Texture PEI Plate’s powder-coated textured surface, adding toughness and character to your prints.

📐 Specifications:
• Materials: PEI powder coating + 301SEH Stainless Steel Plate
• Surface Temperature Resistance: Up to 180°C
• Flexible Stainless Steel Plate Thickness: 0.5mm
• Textured PEI Coating Thickness: 0.075mm
• Usable Print Size: 256x256mm
• Packaging Size: 300x270x17mm
• Packaging Weight: 450g
• Colour: Gold

🚫 Considerations:
• Automatic Calibration for Flow Rate and First Layer Inspection are not supported due to the plate’s texture.
• Avoid using Acetone for cleaning, as it may damage the surface.
• Wait for the plate to cool before removing prints to prevent damage.
• The High-temp smooth PEI plate is subject to wear and tear over time, with only manufacturing flaws covered by the warranty.

📦 Package Includes:
▪ BAMBULAB Textured Pei Plates, 256x256mm

▪ 7 Days 1 to 1 Defective Replacement Warranty
▪ We will not make any warranties or accept any responsibility for any misuse by the user.
▪ For more details regarding provided warranty, visit
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Bambu Lab Dual Sided Textured PEI Plates for X1 / X1C / P1 Series Bambulab Build Plate Double Sided PEI

Out of stock