Elegoo Original Spare Parts Build Plate for Elegoo Saturn 3 / Saturn 3 Ultra, Elegoo Build Plate Spare Parts


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Elegoo original spare parts build plate for elegoo saturn 3 / saturn 3 ultra, elegoo build plate spare parts

🌟 Elegoo Original Spare Part Build Plate for Elegoo Saturn 3 / Saturn 3 Ultra

β€’ Four-Point Leveling System: Experience the ease of one-time leveling. This feature eliminates the need for repeated adjustments, saving time and effort.
β€’ Laser-Carved Surface: The build plate’s surface is laser-carved, ensuring superior model adhesion during printing and effortless model removal post-printing.
β€’ Aluminum Alloy Material: Crafted from high-quality aluminum alloy, the build platform boasts excellent flatness and non-deformability, providing a stable and reliable base for your prints.
β€’ Resin-Proof Screw Caps: The build plate screws are equipped with end caps to prevent resin infiltration, making cleaning a breeze and simplifying post-processing tasks.
β€’ Included Allen Wrench: Each build platform comes with an Allen wrench, making it easy to replace or tighten screws as needed, ensuring a smooth and efficient setup process.

πŸ“ Dimensions & Compatibility
β€’ Size: 225 x 129 mm
β€’ Compatibility: Specifically designed for the Saturn 3 Series, Saturn 3 / Saturn 3 Ultra

πŸ“¦ Package Includes:β–ͺ ELEGOO Original Build Plate, (Saturn 3 / Saturn 3 Ultra), 225 x 129mm

β–ͺ 7 Days 1 to 1 Defective Replacement Warranty
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Elegoo Original Spare Parts Build Plate for Elegoo Saturn 3 / Saturn 3 Ultra, Elegoo Build Plate Spare Parts

1 in stock