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Operation continues as usual during MCO. Contact us at +6010-3443128 to arrange for same-day delivery within Klang Valley.
Operation continues as usual during MCO. Contact us at +6010-3443128 to arrange for same-day delivery within Klang Valley.

Double-Sided PEI Sheet Textured + Smooth 235mm / 310mm / 370mm with Magnetic Base for Ender & CR10S Series

(79 customer reviews)




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Double-sided Textured and Smooth PEI Powder-coated Spring Steel Sheet Heat Bed Build Plate with Magnetic Base​

Product: Double-sided PEI spring steel sheet textured and smooth with magnetic Base*1(one side is power coated PEI& another side is PEI sheet preapplied)


* Please note that optimal nozzle height is especially crucial for these materials to avoid infusing prints into the build surface.

What is genuine powder coated PEI?

The color shall be amber(light golden). Prusa use black steel, that’s why it looks in black.
In general, you can print PLA, PETG, TPU and some strong stickness filaments without heating. If not, you probably bought a fake one
The surface is matte or textured. If you touch it like a glass or oil painted, then it’s fake.
Most sellers are selling fake PEI on Aliexpress, even some famous brand. As these guys are our “CUSTOMERS” before.

The clips may work but the magnetic base is better a lot as the heating may make a difference on the flatnesss.

Reviews (79)


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  1. n*****n

    [Variation: 235*235mm Ender3/5]

  2. choong_95

    work as intended, the print now sticks better to the print bed. [Variation: 235*235mm Ender3/5]

  3. devan990920

    [Variation: 235*235mm Ender3/5]

  4. clemeister

    Feels nice. First time using PEI sheet. Hopefully the results are good. [Variation: 220*220 PrusaMK2/MK3]

  5. totoroykath

    Working so much better than the stock metal extruder for ender 3 Max printer. Better extrusion without crazy filament grinding. No more Maggi filament. Easy installation on Ender 3 Max! [Variation: 320*310mm Ender3 Max]

  6. f*****6

    Item safely received. Good product quality and value for money. thanks seller. [Variation: 320*310mm Ender3 Max]

  7. eohl79

    [Variation: 235*235mm Ender3/5]

  8. s*****a

    Great seller to deal with, pleasant experience overall. 11/10 would deal again [Variation: 235*235mm Ender3/5]

  9. kelvinty33

    [Variation: 220*220 PrusaMK2/MK3]

  10. rangerbikesmy

    [Variation: 235*235mm Ender3/5 ]

  11. trksdk72q2

    [Variation: 377*370mm Ender5Plus]

  12. muhamadsyamsulnaimnoorazmi

    [Variation: 235*235mm Ender3/5 ]

  13. muhamadsyamsulnaimnoorazmi

    [Variation: 377*370mm Ender5Plus]

  14. soleh90

    [Variation: 320*310mm Ender3 Max]

  15. abgkhainizam

    [Variation: 377*370mm Ender5Plus]

  16. alvinlau89

    [Variation: 235*235mm Ender3/5 ]

  17. azmiraziz

    [Variation: 235*235mm Ender3/5 ]

  18. mijie666

    Thanks [Variation: 377*370mm Ender5Plus]

  19. cemikun

    [Variation: 235*235mm Ender3/5 ]

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