Creality Upgraded Glass Bed Ultrabase 235/245/310mm * 4mm for Ender 3 CR10S Pro V2 CR6-SE 3D Printer

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No Edge Curling – new glass bed, molds could stick on bed firmly without glue, avoiding the issue of print edges curling.
No-indentation Printing – this glass plate has a no logo, avoiding leaving logo indentations on molds surface during 3D printing.
Excellent Flatness – Improved 3D printer tempered glass plate provides more flat and more smooth build surface than magnetic mat or pei sticker, ensuring high flatness for the bottom of model.
Super Convenient – Very easy to take off the model, if it’s harder to take it off, use a small spatula and you will get no damage to your bed; This glass bed could be fixed with middle sized clips and cleaned with alcohol or acetone at room temperature.

Package list
-one glass bed of your choice

Weight0.50 kg
Dimensions30.00 × 30.00 × 6.00 cm

235*235 Creality E3, 245*255CrealityCR6SE, 290*290 (Ender 6), 310*310 (CR10S Pro), 315*310 (CR10 Smart), 320*310 (Ender3Max), 235*235 (Obsolete), 377*370 (Ender5Plus)


Creality 3D

Creality 3D printers are a top choice for personal use, renowned for their superior quality and exceptional printing results. Their popularity stems from the impressive range of filament and resin printers, along with a comprehensive selection of spare parts and upgrade possibilities. This makes Creality's offerings highly valued by both novices and seasoned professionals alike.Whether you're in search of the perfect Creality 3D printer or need a specific spare part for your model, our collection has you covered.

137 reviews for Creality Upgraded Glass Bed Ultrabase 235/245/310mm * 4mm for Ender 3 CR10S Pro V2 CR6-SE 3D Printer

  1. hengai

    [235*235 Creality E3] Fast and safe delivery

  2. f*****r

    [235*235 Creality E3] Nice packing!!! Good value for money. Good product quality

  3. f*****r

    Superb seller fast shipment…even i have 1 item their miss to ship…they accepted it and send it immediately..superb seller sure will repeat it..???????? [Variation: 235*235 Creality E3]

  4. hilmipoilam

    Best Seller Ever, Pleasent experience. I recommend anyone to buy here..All product is reasonably priced! Even if they make it little bit more expensive I would say It’s worth it.. Why? Because of the amazing SUPPORT.. Laju macam pelesit… Thanks! [Variation: 235*235 Creality E3]

  5. c*****n

    Great product to upgrade my printer, i like the surface of the 3d print product with this surface, not too smooth like plain glass makes it look more natural and provide extra adhesive [Variation: 235*235 Creality E3]

  6. skyline34rocks

    Package came in its original packaging with foams protecting the product. The glass bed looks solit and clean with only minor aesthetic scratches thats negligible. [Variation: 235*235 Creality E3]

  7. a*****s

    Very nice product. Quality is superb. Friendly seller. Fast shipping and well package items. Very satisfactory. [Variation: 235*235 Creality E3]

  8. a*****q

    burnt mine already hehehehehehheehheheheheeeeeeeeeeeee [Variation: 235*235 Creality E3]

  9. m.fadil34

    1: penghantaran pantas giler.
    2: masalah sumbat settle dgn direct drive
    3: paling Recommended Bed glass ni mesti upgrade yg siapa pakai ender 3. Mudah ditanggalkan.
    4: kotak filament cantik [Variation: 235*235 Creality E3]

  10. hayshamill

    Barang selamat sampai, packaging ok cun tak payah risau pasal kaca. Tak test lagi tunggu clip sampai esok. Tqvm!

    Edit: Barang boek, jauh beza dengan bed standard Ender 3. Nak bed levelling pun makin senang sebab mudah tanggal. ? [Variation: 235*235 Creality E3]

  11. digitalgraphixart

    Lagi cun kalau seller bagi free sepit. Tak ngam dengan sepit asal sebab kaca tebal. Jenuh mencari sepit yang ngam dgn kaca ni. Printing melekat dengan baik. Tak susah nak tanggalkan lepas habis print. ?????????? [Variation: 235*235 Creality E3]

  12. harrylwy89

    a bit worried. but somehow only box and polystyrene damage, the glass so far looks fine and undamaged. will still give 5 stars despite of the box or packaging issue. which is courier service issue. maybe seller can inform the J&T courier service. personally, i still prefer Pos Laju, ABX, DHL. thanks [Variation: 310*310 (CR10S Pro)]

  13. zahidrasidi

    Good services. Penghantaran pantas [Variation: 235*235 Creality E3]

  14. abdulrahimz

    Great quality. Carbon layer hold item firmly. Easily remove once cold. ?? [Variation: 235*235 Creality E3]

  15. nizamazlan99

    Really recommended so that your print will have a nice base. And removing your print will not be so easy but it is easier compared to default bed. [Variation: 235*235 Creality E3]

  16. bihi_

    Seller punya service 5 star, ship out laju. Cuma courier sangkut sikit, pkp la kot. Tapi tu bukan salah seller, salah azmin ali la ni. Recommended seller, kedai pon barang banyak? [Variation: 235*235 Creality E3]

  17. w*****n

    Fast delivery…havent tried using it yet. Hopefully it works well….. [Variation: 235*235 Creality E3]

  18. munyit99

    Received product safely. Expect more orders. thank you Smith3D. [Variation: 235*235 Creality E3]

  19. lemongrasstech

    Excellent product [Variation: 235*235 Creality E3]

  20. r*****e

    Good product quality. Item secured in box and made by Creality. Excellent service by seller. [Variation: 235*235 Creality E3]

  21. f*****2

    ******The review has been hidden due to inappropriate content.****** [Variation: 235*235 Creality E3]

  22. adamsolehin

    Very good service,fastest delivery, good consultation, good quality item and functional. Thank you. [Variation: 235*235 Creality E3]

  23. probim.johor

    Nice…gud warping.. [Variation: 235*235 (Ender 3)]

  24. d*****t

    Very good seller, send out very fast and very good delivery ? DHL delivery very ? faster [Variation: 235*235 (Ender 3)]

  25. t*****n

    Great service by seller. Well packed. Item received in good condition. Fast shipping by seller. J&T delivery even on Sunday. [Variation: 235*235 Creality E3]

  26. kordorizz

    Telah terima. Penghantaran pantas. Ganti baru alas lama Ender 3 yang telah calarbalar dan masalah print tak-lekat. Telah order parts 3D print di kedai yg sama kali ke-4.. recommended seller [Variation: 235*235 Creality E3]

  27. akmalznal

    Wish they gave clips [Variation: 235*235 Creality E3]

  28. azman1969borhan

    TQ.Kualiti barang memuaskan
    Vertical stopper switch perlu ejas untuk sesuaikan dengan kaca ultrabase tinggi. [Variation: 235*235 (Ender 3)]

  29. dmix_shinri

    Fast shipping by seller. Thumb up!
    Buy this glass bed as backup. Also can be used as guidance to level thing up.
    I already test this glass bed, easy to peel off. [Variation: 235*235 (Ender 3)]

  30. n*****i

    good value for money!! fast delivery! excellent service by seller!! [Variation: 235*235 (Ender 3)]

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Creality upgraded glass bed ultrabase 235/245/310mm * 4mm for ender 3 cr10s pro v2 cr6-se 3d printer
Creality Upgraded Glass Bed Ultrabase 235/245/310mm * 4mm for Ender 3 CR10S Pro V2 CR6-SE 3D Printer
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