Capricorn XS Series Ultra Low Friction PTFE Tube 1 Meter with Cutter for Ender 3 Pro, Ender 5, Ender 5 Plus CR-10

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100% Geuine Capricorn XS Series tubing + PTFE Tube Cutter

High Lubricity Additives make our XS Series tubing the lowest friction Bowden tubing on the market. Less friction means more responsiveness, less retraction, more accurate prints, less slippage, wear, and tear on the extruder, and less clogging when printing chunky filaments such as some woodfills or ironfills.

Lower retraction means time saved every time the extruder retracts. Over the course of a print, a few milliseconds here and a few there add up to a lot of time saved.

1.9mm ± 0.05mm Inner Diameter Reduces the “wiggle room,” or buckling, inside the tube, allowing you to print flexible filaments even on the longest Bowden systems.

High Temperature Resistance due to using only the highest quality PTFE. Our XS tubing will operate at even higher temperatures than our TL.

Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 5 cm

0.4 Meter-No Cutter, 1 Meter, 2 Meters



352 reviews for Capricorn XS Series Ultra Low Friction PTFE Tube 1 Meter with Cutter for Ender 3 Pro, Ender 5, Ender 5 Plus CR-10

  1. kuemue

    [0.4 Meter-No Cutter] Barang elok. Servis terbaik by seller. Repeat customer. Recommended!

  2. seriouslyadditivemanufacturing

    [0.4 Meter-No Cutter] Good product quality and value for money. Good packaging and fast delivery. I got it as free gift when i bought a printer.

  3. m*****7

    Good quality items sampai dgn selamat, bagus! bagus! this was a great experience for me [Variation: 0.4 Meter-No Cutter]

  4. seriouslyadditivemanufacturing

    Good product quality and value for price. [Variation: 1 Meter]

  5. e*****x

    Worth every sens of money of buying this the print quality is really good the machine already comes with tune can just print after tuning the bed, this printer even comes with all sorts of gift including 1KG of filament. Definitely recommended!!!! [Variation: 1 Meter]

  6. unbrutal

    Ni pun belum pakai. Yang original asyik nak tercabut aje. Nak kena pakai kabel tie pulak. [Variation: 0.4 Meter-No Cutter]

  7. skyline34rocks

    Always a pleasure havint Smith3D as my go to place for 3D printer parts, the tube came with the cutting tools for 1 meter. [Variation: 1 Meter]

  8. thomastansr16

    Good service and good quality and fast delivery duno how many purchase with Smith3D [Variation: 0.4 Meter-No Cutter]

  9. iqramosman

    Free for the shorter version, or top up for the full meter length. One of the recommended upgrades. [Variation: 1 Meter]

  10. nyuksiong88

    Suggest buy transparent one [Variation: 0.4 Meter-No Cutter]

  11. a*****q

    gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood [Variation: 1 Meter]

  12. maya713

    Highly recommended seller! Still let me do transaction last minute and delivered! Thank you! [Variation: 0.4 Meter-No Cutter]

  13. tanyshan

    Nicely packed, fast delivery. [Variation: 1 Meter]

  14. conradnge

    100% Perfect. Thank you Seller. [Variation: 1 Meter]

  15. jayenterprise

    Received in good condition. Well packed. Will purchase again in future. Thank you. [Variation: 0.4 Meter-No Cutter]

  16. ipialifi

    SELLER NEVER DISSAPOINTS! THANKYOU [Variation: 0.4 Meter-No Cutter]

  17. a*****e

    Seller pantas ship out. Semua barang diterima dengan baik. Seller yg bagus, boleh berbincang, cepat reply mesej. Tq. [Variation: 0.4 Meter-No Cutter]

  18. baktiar85

    The best beginner printer, this printer also have alot of upgrade for better printing. With free upgrade part provided by seller are good enough. Very recommended seller.
    Chat response are very fast and very supportive [Variation: 0.4 Meter-No Cutter]

  19. sabaruddin7815

    Terima kasih extra nozzle ☺️? pembelian kali ke dua ? smith x pernah mengecewakan..thanks ya [Variation: 0.4 Meter-No Cutter]

  20. fareeztaher

    Recommended!!! Seller mmang baik. Silap yg lepas dye ganti balik. Dah ckap x pe. Tpi bgi jgak. Sebab dye dah bnyak ajar sye. T.q. If have 10 ⭐️, I give you 10 ⭐️. Thanks again. [Variation: 0.4 Meter-No Cutter]

  21. sarahdayanaaaaa

    Superb seller. Super helpful in addressing questions and timely reply. 11/10 would recommend. [Variation: 0.4 Meter-No Cutter]

  22. xlyyster

    Orignal capricon ptfe tube. Tight fit for 1.75mm to improve bowden system. Can reduce stringing issue.
    Easy to install. Seller helpful and can support express delivery aswell. 1meter more than enough for 2 printers. [Variation: 1 Meter]

  23. damnville

    Very satisfied so far… did some extra mods, very friendly and helpful seller…!!! [Variation: 0.4 Meter-No Cutter]

  24. adrianloo97

    Fantastic service as always. Received the next day after order. ???? [Variation: 0.4 Meter-No Cutter]

  25. omarbinkhalilwalker

    Good product quality + fast delivery!
    Thanks. ?? [Variation: 0.4 Meter-No Cutter]

  26. b*****0

    ******The review has been hidden due to inappropriate content.****** [Variation: 0.4 Meter-No Cutter]

  27. sabaruddin7815

    As usual nice packing and fast shipping checkout ? thanks for extra wrap..the yellow filament box got damage a bit but the filament still safe .. thanks ya [Variation: 1 Meter]

  28. slambergamer

    Tube for my fish have arrived.. thank seller.. [Variation: 1 Meter]

  29. saijod83

    Received the product with good conditions. Thank you seller! [Variation: 0.4 Meter-No Cutter]

  30. wanirfaan

    Very nice seller & fast shipment. Original capricorn. Bought to solve my clog & stringing problem, still experimenting, looks positive. [Variation: 1 Meter]

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Capricorn xs series ultra low friction ptfe tube 1 meter with cutter for ender 3 pro, ender 5, ender 5 plus cr-10
Capricorn XS Series Ultra Low Friction PTFE Tube 1 Meter with Cutter for Ender 3 Pro, Ender 5, Ender 5 Plus CR-10
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