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Same Day Delivery (Grab/Lalamove) & Self Pick-up available. Contact us at +6010-3443128 to arrange for same-day delivery / pick-up within Klang Valley.
Same Day Delivery (Grab/Lalamove) & Self Pick-up available. Contact us at +6010-3443128 to arrange for same-day delivery / pick-up within Klang Valley.

Bi-Metal Heatbreak Bimetal Heat Break for V6 Hotend or Ender 3 Hotend All Metal Upgrade 1.75MM Filament

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🔥 All are ready stock in Sungai besi office & ship within 24 hours* (Except for non working day, but do call us to check)

🔥 Select Others (West Malaysia) as shipment if you’d like to opt for self-pickup/by delivery services (Lalamove, Grab, etc ). Contact us after placed order.etc ).

Note: There are different between size of the heat break, for example the default Ender 3 heat break is much more longer compared to bi-metal heatbreak, therefore we recommend you to readjust your nozzle height and also the PTFE Tube. To prevent leakage, do seal the the nozzle and the heatbreak tight.

And because this is all-metal, retraction best if set less than the nozzle height, for example 3mm, it may cause heat creep if retraction distance not set properly.

– Good Heatbreak protection effect, less heatcreep
450°C-rated Bi-Metal Heatbreak melts filament faster and conducts 60% less heat across the Break Zone than competing Heatbreaks
– Safe, reliable and durable. It has two components with different thermal conductivity.

Material: Bi- Metal
Size: long threaded part M7, short threaded part M6
Compatibility: Smooth Compatible with Ender 3/5/6.

Packaging List:
1x Bi-Metal E3D V6 Compatible Heat Break – 1.75mm (Threaded or Smooth)

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  1. hawaiwong

    [New Smooth Ender3/5]

  2. ziq.shop_anything

    [Variation: Smooth Ender3/5/6]

  3. w*****w

    [Variation: Smooth Ender3/5/6]

  4. kalkamel

    [Variation: Smooth Ender3/5/6]

  5. n6597utaca

    looks good. haven’t got time to test it yet. [Variation: Smooth Ender3/5/6]

  6. bennyhkwong

    [Variation: Threaded E3DHeatSink]

  7. patsanjay

    cannot install into heater block and can come apart [Variation: Smooth Ender3/5/6]

  8. c1053

    Item arrives as described. I installed it on my Prusa Mk3; E3D V6 Hotend. The Bi-metal heatbreak is just plugged and play to the current E3D V6 assembly. It reduced heat creep and improves my overall printing exp[erience. No more print jammed, especially when using flexible material. [Variation: Threaded E3DHeatSink]

  9. hussein96alfaiz

    [Variation: Smooth Ender3/5/6]

  10. j*****t

    [Variation: Smooth Ender3/5/6]

  11. urbanline

    [Variation: Threaded E3DHeatSink]

  12. nicholascjs

    [Variation: Threaded E3DHeatSink]

  13. muhammadqayyum97

    Actually dpt sekali super ring tapi belum apa2 super ring dh abis. Dah makan lupa nk snap. habis makan super ring.. terus pasang heatbreak. agak mengecewakan sbb tak dpt snap pic. Pa2 pon. seller terbaik. Super ring. [Variation: Smooth Ender3/5/6]

  14. f*****r

    [Variation: Smooth Ender3/5/6]

  15. sarahdayanaaaaa

    Superb seller. Super helpful in addressing questions and timely reply. 11/10 would recommend. [Variation: Smooth Ender3/5/6]

  16. adrianloo97

    Fantastic service as always. Received the next day after order. 👍🏻👍🏻 [Variation: Smooth Ender3/5/6]

  17. zulsalmizakaria

    [Variation: Smooth Ender3/5/6]

  18. khaleed2021

    [Variation: Smooth Ender3/5/6]

  19. acefrost88

    [Variation: Smooth Ender3/5/6]