Kexcelled Basic ABS K5 (3D Printing Filament – 1.75mm 1.0kg/spool) for Bambulab Creality K1 Easy Print Mechanical Part


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💫 SMOOTH & STABLE PRINTING: Thanks to its proprietary technical formula and rigorous manufacturing quality control, Kexcelled’s ABS K5 filament boasts a tangle-free, bubble-free, and clog-free experience. This filament is highly stable and provides smooth extrusion and excellent adhesion, without any issues with stringing or warping when optimal settings are used. To prevent tangling, it is recommended to insert the filament end into the spool holes after use.

🌟 GOOD COMPREHENSIVE MECHANICAL PROPERTIES: The ABS K5 filament has been subjected to low VOC treatment, resulting in a lower odor and a safer material compared to ordinary ABS. Furthermore, Kexcelled has made molecular-level modifications to improve interlayer adhesion and decrease warping. This filament features a lower shrinkage rate and requires a lower printing temperature.

🧵 WEAR-RESISTANT & FAST PRINTING SPEED: ABS K5 is an easy-to-print filament that requires minimal post-production work and can be easily painted. This filament extrudes smoothly, regardless of the type of printer used. ABS K5 also enables fast printing and can be optimized for faster retraction speeds using appropriate settings.

Technical Specifications

• Material type: FDM ABS

• Tolerance: ± 0.03 mm

• Print Temperature: 220°C-250°C

• Recommended Build Platform Temperature: 80°C-100°C

• Net Weight: 1kg per Spool

• Downloads

(1) TDS –

(2) MSDS –

Kexcelled takes innovation and improvement of product quality and stability seriously, and dedicates themselves to meeting the growing demands of customers for quality and performance. Their 3D printing materials are classified into four categories: 3D printing filaments, photopolymer resins, high-performance biodegradable resins, and 3D printing accessories.

Thanks to their superior product quality control system, Kexcelled is able to produce 100,000 kg/month of filament with a consistent diameter tolerance within 0.03mm. Their products have obtained RoHS certification and undergo 24/7 printing tests to ensure continuous printing stability. Kexcelled is also ISO9001 quality system certified. Their business partner, Hatchbox, is one of the most popular brands on

Weight1.20 kg
Dimensions25.00 × 25.00 × 9.00 cm

Grey, Blue, Chocolate, Yellow, Fluorescent Green, Black, Pink, Sky Blue, Orange, Red, Dark Green, Bronze, Fire Engine Red, White




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Kexcelled basic abs k5 (3d printing filament - 1.75mm 1.0kg/spool) for bambulab creality k1 easy print mechanical part
Kexcelled Basic ABS K5 (3D Printing Filament – 1.75mm 1.0kg/spool) for Bambulab Creality K1 Easy Print Mechanical Part
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